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We’re looking for an experienced Content Editor to manage a content team. This position is a remote role.


In this role, you will oversee all of Hometalk’s SEO content creation. This will include the creation and implementation of an SEO content strategy, the creation of a content calendar based on that strategy, and overseeing our network of freelance writers. You will be the one to ensure quality and consistency across large volumes of content from our freelance writers. 



  • Creating a content calendar based on SEO research and strategy

  • Managing a network of freelance writers, giving comprehensive feedback and timelines.

  • Editing content to uphold Hometalk’s brand voice/tone, grammatical and factual accuracy, readability, and expertise, authority, and trust.

  • Ensuring content satisfies user intent by being insightful, useful, relevant, engaging, and relatable for our audience.

  • Editing incoming content for SEO optimization.



  • 3+ years of experience with creating and/or editing web content for SEO.

  • A deep understanding of core SEO concepts.

  • A passion for editing and creating content.

  • Previous experience writing in the home and garden space or real life DIY experience a plus

  • A degree in English, Communications, or a related degree

  • Strong project management and organizational tools 

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Happy Hometalking!